The Ancient & Accepted Rite in Australia convenes its meetings in two common forms: as a Rose Croix Chapter, and as a Sovereign Council. 

A Rose Croix Chapter opens in the 18° - the Rose Croix of Heredom - hence its name. Chapters typically perform the ceremony of the Rose Croix of Heredom, where a candidate who is a Master Master has the Intermediate Degrees (4 to 17) conferred upon him and he then proceeds through the dramatic and deeply symbolic ceremony of Perfection culminating in the 18°.

A Chapter operates in a similar way to a Craft Lodge where Brethren may progress through the offices of the Chapter thereby reaching the throne of Most Wise Sovereign, similar to the Chair of Worshipful Master in the Craft. A minimum time must be spent at the 18° before progression can be realised.

A Sovereign Council opens in the 30° - Grand Elect Knight Kadosh. Brethren of the 30° and above meet as a Sovereign Council. Councils typically meet before the Chapter with a short interval in between. On completion of the Chapter meeting Brethren of all Degrees unite at the Refectory, similar to the South in the Craft, where we enjoy each others company at the Festive Board again similar in many respects to the Craft.

A third form, a Supreme Council, is where the nine members of the Supreme Council of the 33° meet to rule and govern over the Jurisdiction of Australia.

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Image Credit: Doyles Town Masons